"From forming a clubhouse when he was in his teens to controlling the biggest check cashing institution in southern California, Tom Nix has come a long way. He shares the lessons he learned along the way which can benefit anyone interested in personal growth."

— Lee Baca
L.A. County Sheriff

"I am most fortunate to call Tom Nix my friend for 46 years. He has faced down armed robbers, unprincipled business people, and even the L.A. riots, all the while placing his family, employees, investors, and community first. His book gives insight to the challenges of running a small business and the lessons learned along the way. Tom is not only an American success story, but a true American hero."

— Bob Best
President, Westar Associates, Real Estate Development

"Here’s a guy that learned it all over the counter, at the point of sale - who understands what is being exchanged. He is as right and ready with a shotgun in his arms as he is with a sure purpose in his heart and a great idea in his mind. A man like few others."

— John Papadakis
Author, famous restauranteur and most inspirational football player USC Trojans 1971

"This is a story of personal courage and commitment, not just to a business, but to an entire community."

— Honorable Herb J. Wesson, Jr.
President, Los Angeles City Council, Speaker-Emeritus, California State Assembly

“Tom Nix has come a long way since his low rider days growing up in San Pedro and he openly shares the lessons he learned along the way which can be helpful to anyone".

  Councilmember Bernard C. Parks
Former Chief of Los Angeles Police