Nixland has received a number of glowing comments from readers, critics, and people who have attended his presentation; a selection of which are listed here. Thanks for reading!


5.0 out of 5 stars doing well by doing good This is the true story of Tom Nix and the Nix Check Cashing business. This book details Tom's growth as an individual as well as the growth of his business. Because of his belief in "doing well by doing good" he became successful and earned the loyalty and respect of this staff. His policy of providing a good service (check cashing) at a reasonable price allowed his business to grow large enough that when he sold the business, he was able to retire.
This book is a easy read. It is filled with examples of how his "doing well by doing good" benefited himself and his community.

— Chrome Oxide


5.0 out of 5 stars A Quintessentially American Story Nixland is a great story about what hard work, determination, and risk-taking can do. No whining, no excuse-making, just a can-do, (sometimes wild) ride through the city of Los Angeles.

— Susan O


5.0 out of 5 stars Best Business Book You Will Ever Read This is one of those business / life books that you need in your library. I thought I was going to read about a small business I knew nothing about, but was certainly intrigued by; what I got instead was a terrific lesson in how to put people first, and not just in business, but in life in general, backed up with real stories that are both exciting and informative. Tom Nix has crafted a very entertaining and poignant book that moves quickly, so fast you won't realize how much you've been reading until you finally stop. And that's the thing. You won't want to stop. And when you're done, you will have plenty of lessons to apply to your own business, and your life.

— Brian drake


5.0 out of 5 stars It's a good read. Is an interesting book.

— Carlos Cesar Gomez


5.0 out of 5 stars Interesting insight in unknown business Great book

— the tomi


"I am most fortunate to call Tom Nix my friend for 46 years. He has faced down armed robbers, unprincipled business people, and even the L.A. riots, all the while placing his family, employees, investors, and community first. His book gives insight to the challenges of running a small business and the lessons learned along the way. Tom is not only an American success story, but a true American hero."

— Bob Best
President, Westar Associates, Real Estate Development


"Here’s a guy that learned it all over the counter, at the point of sale - who understands what is being exchanged. He is as right and ready with a shotgun in his arms as he is with a sure purpose in his heart and a great idea in his mind. A man like few others."

— John Papadakis
Author, famous restauranteur and most inspirational football player USC Trojans 1971

"This is a story of personal courage and commitment, not just to a business, but to an entire community."

— Honorable Herb J. Wesson, Jr.
President, Los Angeles City Council, Speaker-Emeritus, California State Assembly

“Tom Nix has come a long way since his low rider days growing up in San Pedro and he openly shares the lessons he learned along the way which can be helpful to anyone".

  Councilmember Bernard C. Parks
Former Chief of Los Angeles Police 


"Many business men have profited greatly from the predominately African American and Latino community. Tom is one of the few who has given much more than received. Nixland is proof that businesses and business people can profit greatly while giving back much more than received, to the people they serve."

—Rev. Jerrold T. Smith
CEO 1 Plus One Management Inc.


"For over 40 years I have had the pleasure of working beside Tom Nix sharing "The Great Adventure" of building Nix Check Cashing.  As a leader with unwavering principals and integrity, he inspires his family, friends, employees and community.  Tom developed a business strategy that provided not only financial services to the underserved community of Southern California, but also fought hard for legislation that protected both the industry and consumer rights.  Recognizing challenges in the community and having a strong desire to address them, Tom hired from the communities we serve and developed relationships with community leaders creating events such as our annual food drive, scholarship program, and an anti-gang program. NIXLAND gives the reader a unique view of Tom and what it took to run a successful business in the inner city of Los Angeles."

—Darline Gavin
Former Sr. Vice President, Nix Check Cashing

"An entertaining read that captures the evolution of a family business into an industry leader and champion for doing business the right way for the underprivileged."

—David J. Iannini
CEO, William & Henry Associates, Investment Bankers

"I, Dr. Sweet Alice Harris, am the Founder and the Executive Director of The Parents of Watts Working with the Youth and Adults Inc. It has been a Non-Profit Organization for 46 years. I have lived here in the Watts Community myself for 60 years. I have known Mr. Tom Nix and worked with him for the Community of Watts for 30 years. We have benefitted from his business "Nix Check Cashing". Our neighbors here in the Watts Community would have not made it. Our Children would have not finished School and gone on to College if it wasn’t for the Amazing Help of Mr. Nix. His gracious amount of Help, Dedication, Time, Money and his Family has all been donated to the Community of Watts. He has also provided Employment for the Community of Watts. I have always said and will say now, "God Bless Mr. Nix and his Family for keeping us so close to the Nix Family."

—Dr. Sweet Alice Harris
Executive Director &  Founder, The Parents of Watts Working with the Youth and Adults Inc.


Wild Ride is a great read with amazing true stories and life lessons for all!
  The lessons taught in this book begin as stories of a business owner and end as lessons for a successful life. Nix shows that being a winner does not end at 5:00 PM. He generously credits many who have helped him along the way throughout his book. This "Wild Ride" is a great read not just for the entrepreneur, but for anyone who desires all the best life has to offer.

—Debra Calvano


Tom's story of growing a business under extraordinary difficult conditions is truly inspiring. Tom is a great guy who can teach you a lot about public service and succeeding in business no matter the challenges you face. A must read!

 —Michael Levin


Living in the L.A. area and growing up seeing all of the Nix Check Cashing stores, I loved reading the story of how Tom Nix went into the check cashing business borrowing money from friends and relatives to start one store and eventually expanding into almost every neighborhood in urban L.A. Loved that he hired from the community served by his stores and also loved the parts about the L.A. Riot. Great read!


Nixland is a book for everyone who has a dream of success and works hard, against great odds, to accomplish this. He did it with integrity, strength, and GUTS! I love the fact that he built his business in neighborhoods that had a desperate need for this service, and he incorporated people from these communities to become trusted and valued employees.
The book is well written, and a real page turner. He really carried the reader along with him, from his early days, through the years of turmoil, to his ultimate, thriving business success. The book is yet another victory for this inspiring business leader.

Valerie Padgett



I was an early investor in Nix Check Cashing so Tom gave me a copy of this book to read which I didn't dive into (getting harder to read hard copies since getting used to e-books) - as a Kindle Fire owner I was happy to find it available for the Kindle and finally read it - very interesting story about a great guy who gave a lot to the community he served.

W. Coghlan 


Nixland: Simply an inspirational, insightful, fun rop!  Tom Nix's "Nixland" is just as its title states, "My Wild Ride in the Inner City Check Cashing Industry." I laughed out loud many times as I read Tom's exploits in the "loan shark industry." In polite society, we refer to it as (AFS) Alternative Financial Services. Payday loans, car title lending, check cashing...

Tom's descriptions of growing up in San Pedro, his first days at USC and his altercation with Coach John McKay, his Los Angeles County Sheriff experiences, ramping-up his family's check cashing business into a California powerhouse for serving the inner city by providing jobs and opportunity - all the while achieving PROFITS (an ugly word for many), leave no doubt that the time you "invest" in "Nixland" is a 100% ROI.

"Nixland" is a real world example of what a singular minded entrepreneur can accomplish in any vertical, albeit highly controversial. Not only will the reader find this book impossible to put down, but, you'll be inspired, more business savvy, and optimistic regarding what can be accomplished through hard work and determination.

I'm proud to be a member of the AFS industry and I'm extremely glad I discovered Nixland!

—Jer Trihouse 


Nixland: I couldn't put the book down until I had finished it! Tom Nix is the real deal! This book needs to be made into a movie! 

|Tom and Pam have done things the right way and the results show! Great Book and an inspiration to anyone who reads it!

-Craig Jorgensen SPHS S 66




Nixland: Good straightforward read with no preachy edge 

A clear unvarnished story about the varying forces that mold how we do business in California and probably everywhere. Nix is a straightforward middle class businessman we can all be proud of. Good straightforward read with no preachy edge. just the facts and a lot of information and insight into on how "things work" at one of the most interesting, and pivotal, times in the history of LA.

-Donald Hayes