Tom Nix
Founder of Nix Check Cashing
(Photo by William Metivet)

Speaking Engagements

Nixland author Tom Nix is a dynamic public speaker with an interesting, entertaining, and inspirational small business success story.

He shares many lessons learned during his 42 year small business career, a lifework that included equity partnerships with Western Union, SunAmerica, and Union Bank, as well as a successful sale to Kinecta Federal Credit Union.  Most importantly, Nix shares powerful mindset techniques anyone can use to create a more happy, healthy, prosperous life and achieve personal goals well beyond expectation.

Regardless of the purpose of your event, your audience will appreciate Nix's direct, engaging delivery as he shares the insights he has acquired firsthand throughout his work.  Invite Nix to speak at your next event today.

We live in a cause-and-effect world in which we have immense personal power. 

What are they saying about Tom’s presentation



Dear Tom,
Thank you for your presentation tonight! Well done. Please know how much we all appreciate you taking the time to educate, motivate and inspire our community. Rest assured that your message was well received and that today you succeeded in touching the hearts, minds and maybe even the souls of our students.
You are indeed a part of this community now and are welcomed back any time.

Kindest regards,

Ruben Barajas
Director of Development, Marymount California University 


I can’t thank you enough for your presentation to our students today at MCU. I thought you hit all the right notes and clearly our students were paying attention to every word. You have a wonderful, believable and sincere way with students and it showed throughout your presentation. Everything you said resonated and your stories made it all very real. I know that your concept of visualizing in pictures and outcomes works. The story of your niece, Amanda, was spot on. I really believe you are right that sympathizing can make matters worse and that being a victim is a cop out. Your concepts of spiritual or inner strength were a great thing for our students to hear and I loved that you spoke on responsibility, integrity and honesty. These are not old-school—they are timeless.

Tom, you simply did a fantastic job and I know that there were students who were deeply touched and inspired by your words. Thank you

Brian Marcotte
President, Marymount California University 


Tom Nix is real, captivating, and thoughtful as a public speaker. Tom recently presented to my race relations group called Black and White 4 Right. At first we were skeptical if Tom’s Life’s Key Concepts was appropriated for the audience, but were we wrong. Tom made the concepts relative to the group and how we can use it individually to make a difference in our lives, so we can then help others. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who has had real life experiences while building a multi-million dollar company from nothing, then you owe it to yourself, your employees, your students, or whomever the audience to commission Tom Nix, the founder of Nix Check Cashing.

Trent Clark
Upper Echelon Custom Clothing 
Founder of Black and White 4 Right


Thank you for spending your day with us last week. I truly enjoyed your presentation. My grandmother would always tell me "You just have to believe in yourself" and I think I had forgotten that she used to say that. Hearing your lecture reminded me that it really is about mindset.
Thank you again for your time and your remarkable leadership advice!

Anna Mullahey
MBA Candidate 2019
VP C4C Alumni Gala, Challenge for Charity
VP Wellness, Mindful Marshall
USC Marshall School of Business


Tom Nix is a prime example and living proof of The American Dream in founding, creating, nurturing, and selling a profitable small business. Our members and guests were truly inspired not just by his story but also the Life’s Key Principles that led him to achieve his success with Nix Check Cashing and beyond.

Jose Angel Manaiza, Jr.
Speaker Program Director
Malibu & Beverly Hills Finest Networking

"Our group found a lot of inspiration by your honesty and sharing your life with all of us. Your genuine warmth, truth to your values and examples how you treated your employees showed a high level of personal integrity and discipline."



Your lecture "Life's Key Concepts" left us feeling motivated and inspired. Thank you for taking the time to educate and spread hope.


"Tom Nix is an inspirational speaker and a great business builder. His story of commitment to contribute to communities, to face challenges head on, and to strategize business to benefit his employees, is a great example of best business practices. I highly recommend his book and his keynote presentation."

—Emily Letran, D.D.S.


“I am leaving this presentation feeling more in control of my life. You are great!”

—Sylvia Cardence,
Capital Bank Card



Mr. Nix has come and spoken to my USC/Marshall MBA classes several times. In these leadership classes, we talk about Knowing, Being, and Doing as what leaders have to do in order to be successful. Mr. Nix covers all extraordinarily well, and my favorite piece is the Being portion. The Ten Key Concepts come to life as he talks about them, and the stories he tells around activating your mindset to achieve your aspirations are refreshing and bold. I am convinced that adopting these concepts will help us all be better people, and, more importantly, better leaders.

—Dr Chris Bresnahan
Assistant Clinical Professor USC Marshall School of Business



Tom has an incredible life story and does a great job at painting an unvarnished portrait of it. Most importantly, it helps put his advise and lessons into perspective, and think about how you can personally apply them.

—Kanishk Mishra
MBA candidate
USC Marshall School of Business



Mr Nix is a valuable resource for all business oriented students interested in leadership development and professional growth. It was a pleasure to hear his story.

—Anna Ter-Zakarian
USC Marshall School of Business


Tom brings a wealth of knowledge, life experience, positive energy and helpful advice to your group. We left feeling enlightened and empowered.

Daniel Freedman
MBA candidate
USC Marshall School of Business


My favorite part about today was hearing about his affirmation section with selling his business. It was very inspiring to hear his story with his wife does to sell the business for at least 40 million and by the end of July 2007. The story help to conceptualize how affirmations work and how they can be achieved. Anything is possible if you believe it can happen, and Tom proved it to be true with his story.

Melissa Karson
MBA student
USC Marshall School of Business


Tom's life key concepts really resonated with me. As an MBA student I feel that personal growth is so important as a think about my future career.

Kristin Garlitos
USC Marshall School of Business



The way you spoke about life is a journey from the not so great days as a low rider to today and all of the good and bad in between. Reminds me to stay positive through everything that comes with life.

Pranoy Rodrigues
USC Marshall School of Business



As a Trojan, it was impactful to hear Tom’s work story and see the difference he's made in the community. His commitment to giving back in business and in life was inspirational.

Tracy Thomas
USC Marshall School of Business
President entrepreneurship club



I really enjoyed learning about your success story and how you took a passion combined with integrity and paved your own path.

Parin Patel
USC Marshall School of Business

I'm excited to put the life concepts into practice in my own life. I love hearing actionable steps I can take to improve.

Chelsey Ott
USC Marshall School of Business



Tom was an open book. He was honest about not only his success but his failures and kept things light and humorous.

Brett Burgay
MBA student
USC Marshall School of Business




He seemed really genuine even though some of what he mentioned could be perceived as idealistic, which sold it for me.

Jayesh Hariharaw
USC Marshall School of Business

It was great to see how Tom maintained his commitment to integrity and doing the right thing when many corporate environments would have you do the opposite.

Chris Parish
USC Marshall School of Business



It was inspiring to hear about your life journey, and I feel even more motivated to pursue my goals as I work to implement life’s key concepts into my own life. It’s exciting to realize the power of positive affirmations and I know these will be of great value as I continue my journey through USC Marshall as well as the rest of my life.

Scott Scoby
MBA Candidate 2019
Marshall School of Business


I really admire your path from a fight-ridden childhood to attending USC and earning a scholarship to the business school, to eventually selling your company for $45 million. What really resonated were your tips of life advice, especially regarding your niece, Amanda. I think we all go through moments where we need to step back and think about the affirmations you were talking about.

Luis Vidaurri


I appreciated your advice on life’s key concepts. I read your worksheet sometime last week, before your presentation, and have already begun acting based on the advice you provided. It is also something I’ve shared with my family.

Olivia Ohanian
USC Annenberg School for Communication | Class of 2020



The greatest thing I took from your speech was the part about positive affirmations. I have started doing them everyday, in addition to mindfulness/ meditation, and I can feel them begin to work their magic. I look forward to reading your book and implementing your advice in my entrepreneurial career.

Madeleine Mullaney
USC Marshall School of Business



I recently got into affirmations (my mom is a huge fan of Bob Proctor) so it was really cool to see someone who is living proof that they work.
There were several key takeaways from your presentation that I will take with me on my journey as an entrepreneur:

1. The ability to attract positive outcomes through the relationship between your conscious and subconscious minds is a law of the universe -- it happens even if we don't believe it.
2. Always maintain a high level of compassion, integrity, and inner strength.
3. Watch "The Secret" and read "Think and Grow Rich”

Fernando Leon-Ramos
University of Southern California 2019
Public Relations | Communication Design | Entrepreneurship
Student Government | Senior Director of Communications




Thank you so much for presenting your life's key concepts to our entrepreneurship class. It was so refreshing to hear about some of the lifestyle aspects of entrepreneurship and scaling up a successful business. I was particularly inspired by what you said about meditation and mindfulness.

Emil Myers
University of Southern California 2018
B.A. Public Relations @ Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism
Entrepreneurship Minor @ Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurship



I really enjoyed hearing about your life’s obstacles and the techniques you have used to overcome them. Especially when you were able to “turn the corner” and ditch your old life and transition to a brighter one while at USC. Personally, I plan to use your plan as a blueprint.

Chris Vesce

USC Marshall School of Business - 2018
West Point - 2008